Elephant Celadon, my mom and I


I know what my family would say if I showed them this picture. It has been my special symbol between my mum and I since I was a little girl. It's funny that I became a comparative expert since I was a very tiny girl! Every time I saw a mother and baby, of any kind, I would be comparing them and would yell out happily ’that’s mum and me’! (This was from when I was a very, very little girl obviously 😅) (I consequently couldn't help myself studying masters in a Comparative Literature afterwards..)

The elephant is a symbol of Thailand as well.

We Thai kids would call ourself ’baby’ (elephant’s baby) while we were praying before making a meditation in front of the Buddha statue. (Seriously, I still call myself that sometimes).

At my Chiang Mai University which has an elephant as its symbol, we traditionally called our self ’baby’ as well. And yes, I graduated my bachelor from here and we all still call ourself ‘baby’ no matter how many years go by.😅

💕For this coming Mother’s day, I decided to have this sweet pair of Celadon Elephants, mum and her baby, in our Naya window display as a dedication to all the wonderful mothers out there, and especially to my mum. Her favourite colour is green, and Celadon pottery is her favourite pottery as well.

Celadon technique has been developed over the ages. Though it may not be as old as the first mother's love, I suggest it could be a beautiful expression of your love for your mum, and is definitely worth considering (a purchase). 🤗


7 May 2020, Napier, NZ 


(📝 see my posting about Celadon https://www.facebook.com/2338434609541398/posts/2938701892847997/)


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