A moment


On a bright sunny day, here in Napier city 📝

Recently a precious moment happened to me, I was sitting on the floor, shooting these pictures in beautiful sunlight. I was sitting with legs folded back to one side, with my hands raised shooting photos with my mobile phone. While in that position and gazing in wonder at the magnificent artworks in my sight, I felt I was respecting them and giving my utmost acknowledgement and respect to their creators. Not only the potters who created them but the potters' teachers and all the masters before them.

It reminded me of another recent precious moment in my life. When my pottery teacher, Master Padung, accepted me as his pottery student. We had a small ceremony, in front of the Buddha statues, in his prayer room. It was a most simple and sacred occasion, one generation passing on knowledge to another, as our traditional Thai ancestors have done for a thousand years. On that occasion also, I was seated on the floor (in exactly the same position) with hands up to make a sacrificial offering to Master Padung for accepting me as his new student.

In return, the teacher's holy blessing was his commitment to pass on the knowledge through my soul. At that time, I became a person who has "KRU" (=Ku - Ru = master, teacher) in my future creative pottery life.

From that moment, I realised that I was sitting amongst not mere pottery, but the history of human creatures. 🙏

🌙 @ Napier, New Zealand

 Copper Red Vase (small) from Master PadungClassic vase from Master PadungClassic Pottery from Master Padung

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