SAI Journal

It has now been more than two and a half years since we first opened the doors of our little pottery shop to Napier, New Zealand and the world, via the online shop and our amazing stockists.

We are extremely excited to announce that in 2022, we will launch our very own line of pottery under the name SAI, designed in collaboration with our beloved potters.

As part of this launch, Naya Thai Pottery will now be operating as Sai Pottery, with another pottery showroom and restaurant (Sai Eatery) opening in Havelock North soon.

We could not be more grateful for our ever-growing customer base and the incredible response we received to our wholesale offerings. It allowed us to grow the business further and further, despite all challenges caused by the Covid19 pandemic, and we are looking forward to another year of doing what we love, by collaborating with our favourite potters and introducing their work to the world.

Amongst the creatives we support are small business owners and emerging artists of the Thai ceramic scene, alongside well-established pottery masters. They all share an appreciation of the long tradition and history of pottery making in Thailand and a passion for ethical and environment friendly practices.

Our wide range of pottery for home and hospitality includes plates, bowls, mugs, trays, spoons, jugs and jars, vases, figurines and much more.

We currently own one of the biggest collections of Copper Red (Oxblood) pieces and offer an extensive range of other specialty glazes, including Kinyo, Celadon, Shino, Engobe, etc. All pieces are unique as they were hand-thrown, hand-painted, hand-coiled or hand-drawn.

Additionally, we continue to offer custom made ceramics. We love working closely with our costumers during the design and production process, to create the pottery that best fits their home or business and impresses guests of all kinds. This service includes personalised logo stamping.

A big thank you to all friends of SAI, who have continuously supported us over the years. We cannot wait to see where else this journey will take us…

Sai’s Team x